Indonesia ups Apr oil imports to 12.17 mln bbls

April 8, 2008 pukul 2:50 am | Ditulis dalam Berita Energi, Energy Policy, Migas | Tinggalkan komentar
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SINGAPORE, March 18 (Reuters) – Indonesia’s state oil company PT Pertamina will import a higher-than-expected 12.17 million barrels of oil products in April, up 4.2 percent from purchases for March delivery, industry sources said on Tuesday.

Pertamina had said in late February fuel imports were expected to be 11.5-11.6 million barrels in April.

The volumes, stronger than March imports of 11.68 million barrels, will help buoy Asian distillate prices at a time of robust demand within the region and beyond.

“Domestic supply is not enough due to some minor refinery problems. That has been already ironed out but demand is looking good for transportation fuels,” said a Pertamina source, who declined to be identified.

Pertamina will import 4.3 million barrels of gasoline in April, up from 3.96 million barrels this month. It will buy a steady flow of diesel at 6 million barrels and jet fuel at 280,000 barrels.

Kerosene imports will increase to 480,000 barrels in April, from 340,000 barrels in March.

Pertamina will import 1.11 million barrels of fuel oil in April, similar to March imports of 1.10 million barrels.

There was a fire at the firm’s 348,000 barrels per day (bpd) Cilacap refinery on March 9 which killed three people.

“The refinery is back to normal,” the source added.

Indonesia is Asia’s top diesel and gasoline importer. It has nine oil refineries scattered across the archipelago with a combined capacity of 1 million bpd.

Despite Indonesia’s status as the Asia-Pacific’s only OPEC member, about a third of its oil products for consumption are imported. (Reporting by Felicia Loo; Editing by Sambit Mohanty)

Hmm… another import…


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